Delta Company - 1969-1970
Photos from Don Boehm

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"I was company RTO for Captain Pickett for a while, and at the end of every resupply order for meds, ammo, etc, I always added an order for a hot meal for 40 . . . 2 cases of beer, 2 cases of Pepsi and 3 gallons of ice cream . . . and always got the reply that they would see what they could do.  One day, deep in the jungle, when the choppers showed up with the daily supplies, there was no place to land, so they just kicked the stuff off the choppers and down thru the trees - C-rations and other stuff - and then the guy on the radio says, "Here comes the rest of your order."  And down thru the trees comes beef stew for 40, gravy, mashed potatoes, beer, Pepsi, and ice cream!  The ice cream survived the trip quite well, but the other stuff not so much."
                                                                                                                                                                                        - Don Boehm


[01]  Chap, "Beetle" Bailey, SSG Joe Galloway,  [02]  SSG Joe Galloway, Tito, Medina
[03]  Tito, Jerry Maples, Jose, Richard Chamberlain, Unknown, Figerosa, Unknown, Unknown, SSG Joe Galloway - NVA flag captured at a jungle training camp
[04]  Richard Chamberlain, Jerry Maples display the captured flag,  [05]  Steel pot stew,  [06]  Unknown, SSG Joe Galloway, Lt. Tom Eaton at FB Tuffy
[07]  Tito, Jose

[08]  Don Boehm, "Beetle" Bailey, Unknown, bath time (between FB St George and FB Lois)
[09]  Brigadier General Maurice Kendall and the Miss America troupe,  [10]  "Big John", Chap, Unknown
[11]  At the village water supply during security for a MEDCAP - most of the little kids smoked
[12]  Larry Harrington, Dick Bennett, McDowell, Unknown
[13]  Taking a break - writing letters home,  [14]  Brigadier General awards Bronze Star to Donald Boehm

[15]  "Chef" Don Boehm cooking jungle stew,  [16]  Don Boehm with Vietnamese children
[17]  Foreground:  Don Boehm, Tito, Fred Visocus - Background: 
"Little John", Medina, "Beetle" Bailey
[18]  Don Boehm, SSG Joe Galloway, Lt. Tom Eaton,  [19]  "Killer", Jerry Maples,  [20]  Brigadier General Wheelock, staff, and awards recipients

[21]  Don Boehm in the field,  [22]  Machine gunner, Chap,  [23]  Trainee Don Boehm,  [24]  Unknown Lieutenant




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