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Narrative History Project: Vietnam

1969 - 1970

Very little official history exists to record the lives and service of the
Golden Dragons in Vietnam '69 and '70.  Former Bravo Co. medic,
David "Doc" Brown, has begun to write the history of those years,
and he needs your help to do it.

Were you in Vietnam with the 1-14th in 1969 and 1970?  Get in touch
with Doc and add your memories to those of your brothers.

A Letter from Doc Brown...
"To all Golden Dragons of the 1st/14th: 1969 - 1970"

 David "Doc" Brown is a writer and teacher of writing.
His works include his poems of Vietnam.

Contribute your recollections to this valuable history.
Contact David today at...

 David "Doc" Brown
Coordinator and Writer
1-14th Vietnam Narrative History Project



Poetry of Vietnam by David "Doc" Brown