Call for 2014 Special Reunion
4th Infantry Division, Cambodia 1970

Troopers, I want to update you on our 4th ID / 3-506th Cambodia 1970 Veterans (1-12th, 1-14th, 3-8th, 1-22nd, 2-35th, 92nd AHC, 4-42nd FA, 6-29th FA, and Dust-off 498th Med.) and 3-506th, Tunica, Mississippi Special 2014 Rendezvous, next June 8-12, 2014, to bring us back together one last time before the "Grim Reaper" comes calling.  We are losing our members too fast.  Please come and be with us.  The event will be at the Harrah's Hotel & Casino in Tunica.  We have a large block of rooms reserved ($45/night) for our group.  Details are on the website:  www.currahee.org  Check out the "Attendees List" to see who has signed up thus far.  We will have a few Assault Helicopter Co. pilots (slicks and gunship) and crew attending, who carried us into combat and brought us out.  Please let me know if you will attend.  Send me an e-mail at jerryberry@currahee.org.

Again, I am asking you to forward this message to everyone on your mailing list who participated in that operation, to join us, because I won't have a good many addresses that you might have.  Let them know too that they (you) can find the After Action Report for the Cambodia Vets Reunion I put together back in 2010 in Reno on our homepage (www.currahee.org), in case they want to learn more about us and what this upcoming rendezvous in 2014 would be like.  If you haven't seen it, check it out (lots of pictures and details).  We hope this next one will be much larger and regrettably, it will be my last attempt to bring as many of us back together one last time.  It was such an honor for me to make contact with all of you and getting to know so many of you, during those several years researching and writing "Twelve Days In May".

Details are posted on www.currahee.org, including a current "Attendees List", Agendas, and much more.


Dates:  June 8 - 12, 2014
Location:  Harrah's Hotel & Casino
Tunica, Mississippi
Complete Details: 
Contact Person:  Jerry Berry


Get your name on the "Attendees List", if it isn't there already, so your buddies can see that some of their unit members will be there.  It is a scary move for first timers to walk among strangers . . . but bottom line is that we aren't strangers, but veterans with much in common and who many of us walked the same ground for the same purpose.

Jerry in Montana

Jerry Berry 
3-506th, 1st Bde., 101st Airborne
(406) 293-7678