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National Training Center
Mohave Desert

1/14th in Training, 1997

Our Thanks to SPC Ian MacEachen, Bravo Company, 1st Bn, 14th Infantry for forwarding these photos.


[01]  2nd platoon, 1st squad members take a break
[02]  1st squad in the trenches
[03]  On the road, 2nd platoon Wardogs:  PV2 Joe Thomas, (1st on the right) SPC "Shilo" Whorton,
        (second on the right) PV2 Hinds, PV2 Chan, Sgt Miller, Sgt Kresge, (back left) Mark L. Larson,
        (4th on the right) Kristofor White
[04]  Bravo Company 2nd platoon photo
[05]  Somewhere in the Mojave...

[06]  PFC Shawn Gulierrez cleaning the pig
[07]  PV2 Kristofor White, morning in the Mojave
[08]  Sgt Dave Kresge
[09]  SPC Ansell digging fighting positions
[10]  SPC Dan Freitas in the Mojave