Recommended Reading

Orphans of Honor    by Terry Bender

At a time when our media, universities and movie moguls were plotting new ways to bring down the next two

American presidencies, some 18 and 19 year old American kids suddenly became expendable to the personal
agendas of moguls and presidents alike.  This book is not your designer Hollywood-crybaby confessional
designed to malign those who fought and died in an "immoral war".

Orphans of Honor is a real story that spans the course of three combat commands and portrays the bravery and honor
of America's young men ordered to fight in those commands.  Young men who took a green lieutenant under their wing
where they learned together how to repeatedly beat a cunning and well-equipped enemy in their own backyard.  
Young men who, during the most deadly years of fighting in Vietnam, lost only one man to enemy rifle fire.  
Though many still profit from their condemnation, those abandoned Americans were never Orphans of Honor.

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"Rites of Passage:  Odyssey of a Grunt"
by Robert "Bullet" Peterson,
"C" Co.  66/67
Available in hard copy or paperback

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"Killing Zone"
"No longer Enemies - Not Quite Friends"

by Frederick Downs, "D" Co. PL, 67/68
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"Peaceful Patriot:  The Story of Tom Bennett"
by Bonni McKeown
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"One Came Back"  ... translated by Dr. Margaret S. Langford
...a  work of fiction by Remi Tremblay, 14th US Infantryman
from the Civil War who ended up in Libby Prison.

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"Custer's Other Brother-in-Law, the Orders Book of Lieutenant Frederic Calhoun"
edited by Jefferson Davis

This book is a must-have for anyone learning about the United States Army in the late 1800s.  George Armstrong Custer fought in the Great Sioux War with his brothers-in-law Myles Moylan and James Calhoun.  While Custer and James Calhoun died at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, his other brother-in-law, Frederic Calhoun fought in the Great Sioux War with the 14th Infantry Regiment, and survived.  After the deaths of Custer and his favorite officers, known as the Custer Clique, Frederic Calhoun spent the rest of his career with his regiment, serving in the American West.

This book captures his career, from his selection as an officer, the orders and assignments he received, to his retirement.
 Experiences which mirror those of many other officers on the frontier.  This unique book includes scans of pages from his orders book, with a typed transcription of that page, facing it.  This book includes a biography of Frederic Calhoun, as well as a history of the 14th Infantry Regiment in the late 19th century

Now available at AST Press and Amazon.com